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Testimonials – Investing in San Diego Apartments

Here’s the latest recommendation for Terry Moore ~

Terry Moore and I have known each other almost 20 years — dating back to when I was on the San Diego City Council and he was a director for the San Diego Apartment Association.  Over this period I  met many investment brokers, but my family used Terry’s services more than any other broker, because we like his results.  He has represented us on both the buy and sell side of transactions.

Recently he introduced me to an opportunity; a property with problems I could solve.  It was a competitive  situation and he provided information to enable me to make a wise choice to buy.  He offered help and perspective, but it was clear that he  always understood that I was the decision maker.  He often would answer the phone “Hello Boss.”

Later, when it was time to sell, he marketed the building hard and smart.  Even after we had a viable potential buyer and an acceptable offer, Terry continued working to generate viable alternatives for us. He understood my concerns and worked to ensure I obtained the best possible results.

Terry and his wife focus on their client’s success.  They care about and understand San Diego’s neighborhoods.  He is well respected within the industry, and is an acknowledged expert who has taught at UCSD and written many articles on investing.  After a generation in the field, his commitment shows.  I recommend that you contact Terry Moore when you seek excellent brokerage services.Tom Behr