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Create Value With Intelligent Upgrades

The median age of apartments in this county is 1973. Properties built since 1980 are in the youngest third of the construction. Zoning and slow growth policies have combined to restrict apartment generation for more than 30 years. In Dallas and other western cities 40 year structures are demolished and new product replaces them. In […]

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Reasons For Remarkable Success & Safety

Earlier we looked at the basic advantages of all income property and the specific benefits that come from San Diego apartment’s supply and demand. What happened to Detroit when the automotive industry slid? Las Vegas led the national foreclosure rate for years. In contrast, San Diego’s biggest for profit employer, Qualcomm, does not have 1% of […]

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Three Ways Tax Laws Build Wealth Faster

First, most investors recognize that investment properties provide tax shelter through depreciation. The rule of thumb is that a million dollars of apartments provides about $25k of tax shelter, depreciation annually. The value of the improvements and the building, say just less than 70% or $700k, is depreciated over 27.5 years. $700k improvement value per […]

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Reasons For Historically Terrific Returns

The earlier blog mentioned the basic advantages that are common to all income properties: leverage, inflation protection, equity build up, cash flow, tax shelter, etc. These words focus on two laws which are immensely beneficial to owners of San Diego apartments: supply and demand. The short version is that there are more people who want […]

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Seven Reasons For Superior Sustained Performance

Over the last 50 years investors who bought and held San Diego County apartments became and remained millionaires. Apartments have proven to be safer than other investments. Fortunes were made and lost in businesses, stocks, precious metals, bonds, industrial, and also retail investments. If you don’t yet own apartments, they may not seem glamorous. Yet […]

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