Presented by Terry Moore

San Diego Investment Communities

Explore the areas below:

1. Coastal San Diego and Hillcrest Investment Region

The Coastal San Diego and Hillcrest Region are among the most coveted places. Owners in these zip codes value pride of place, stability, and low vacancy much more than cash flow. The affluent focused on wealth preservation own in this niche.... Read More

2. North San Diego County Investment Region

The North County Region has more units than any other region. They average the newest. Two bedrooms dominate this segment. A higher percentage of these communities have garages than in the other four areas. The plurality of apartment owners lives... Read More

3. Central San Diego County Investment Region

Central San Diego Investment region has about half the apartment escrows. These diverse and cosmopolitan zip codes are where most apartment investors begin. 90% of these assets are from five to 20 units.  Most were constructed from 1910 to 1979.... Read More

4. East San Diego County Investment Region

The East San Diego County includes El Cajon, (59% of  the area’s parcels,) La Mesa,  Lakeside,  and Santee. Most communities range from 20 to 100 units. Construction is mostly 1960- 1985. Two bedroom units dominate here. Price per unit averages... Read More

5. South San Diego County Investment Region

The South San Diego Region includes Chula Vista, National City, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley ,and southern portion of San Diego. Most rentals date from 1960s though 1985. The buildings range from 10 to 120 units. Two bedroom apartments are also common... Read More