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Coastal San Diego and Hillcrest Investment Region

About Coastal San Diego and Hillcrest Investment Region

The Coastal San Diego and Hillcrest Region are among the most coveted places. Owners in these zip codes value pride of place, stability, and low vacancy much more than cash flow. The affluent focused on wealth preservation own in this niche. Congratulations to those who already hold these assets!

Beach assets tend to be older, have more studios and one bedrooms and limited parking. Charming, retro, rustic and quaint describe these properties.

Rents are among the highest in the county. The gross rent multiples are the highest. In other words, pride of ownership means low cash flow. Owners of expensive zip codes can easily obtain higher cash flow by moving equity to other areas. Successful buyers must understand that cash flow is the lowest in these precious zip codes.

Four active markets are Pacific Beach, Carlsbad, Ocean Beach and Imperial Beach. This area has about 24% of the parcels and an average size of 20 apartments. Ownership turnover here is the lowest.

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