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Central San Diego County Investment Region

About Central San Diego County Investment Region

Central San Diego Investment region has about half the apartment escrows. These diverse and cosmopolitan zip codes are where most apartment investors begin. 90% of these assets are from five to 20 units.  Most were constructed from 1910 to 1979. One bedroom units dominate.  One parking place per unit is standard. Forbes listed North Park: 92104, in the top 20 US livable communities. Seasoned investors use North Park as benchmark. Those who want more cash flow will go to more intense zip codes, like City Heights: 92105, a gateway area known for the most first generation Americans or College: 92115. Alternately owners who want easier management will pay for a more affluent zip code, like University Heights, Normal Heights or Kensington: 92116. Almost every apartment investor owns in central area at some point in their career. Many never leave it. More than 1000 fortunes were birthed in this sector. A common strategy is to substantially upgrade property and boost rents 10% within a year. This region has the fastest turnover as many investors boost values and then trade up to more units. Central communities have 37% of the apartment parcels. Average size is 13 apartments.  Prices are most affordable. If you want excellent representation, then contact Terry. ACI, which he is part owner, has closed more escrows in this part of the county than the next five companies combined.

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